Welcome to ‘Whole in my Bucket’

It is based on the idea that if we come together we can achieve amazing things for those who need it most. Kindness after all has the power to change lives.

The idea for this site came from a tragic event when one of my best friends Sean was diagnosed with terminal cancer, as close friends and family we wanted to find something positive we could do for Sean at such a difficult time.

We held a party, had an auction with items donated by the local community and Sean was able to put the money towards a fantastic holiday for him and his partner.

The community of Leeds coming together not only supported Sean but also those who attended.

So it got me thinking… How many people are unable to fulfil their Bucket list wishes due to something that is beyond their control?

It could be finances, someone to support them, knowledge of where to go or who to contact.

Whole in my Bucket aims to support terminally ill adults in Leeds to make memories.

Sean is one of the kindest humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, putting the thoughts and feelings of others always before his own.

I’m hoping through Whole in my Bucket Sean can continue to make people smile, laugh and create dreams through this his legacy.

100% of what people give goes directly to the person, not a penny goes to Whole in my Bucket.